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Contact Giantibis transportation company which is in corporation with us as below:

Bus tickets are available for online booking or sale through homepage: www.giantibis.com or at Giant Ibis office in Phnom Penh, Kampot, and Bokor.

Office in Phnom Penh:
  • Phone: +855 23 987 808
  • Address: 3E0, Road 106, Sangkat Doun Penh, Khan Doun Penh (near night market)
Office in Kampot:
  • Phone: +855 95 666 809
  • Address: #37, Street 7 Makar (behind Sokimex gas station)
Office in Bokor:
  • Thansur Bokor Hotel (recreation counter)

Departure & Bus Fare

Daily Departure Thansur Bokor to Phnom Penh Phnom Penh to Thansur Bokor
Morning 7:30 am 8:00 am
Afternoon 01:45 pm 02:45 pm

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Giant Ibis company through:
Tel: 023 999 333